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Hispanic Heritage Month: Our Culture is Our Strength

This post is also available in English below. Nuestra cultura es nuestra fuerza El mes de la Herencia Hispana en los Estados Unidos se celebra desde el 15 de septiembre hasta el 15 de octubre. Aunque nosotros los latinos no limitamos nuestras celebraciones a días especiales, aprovechamos cada oportunidad que tenemos para celebrar. Siento orgullo poder celebrar nuestra cultura, nuestros éxitos y nuestra historia con toda la comunidad latina y con la comunidad de Filadelfia en general. Tenemos mucho para celebrar. En el poema, “La mancha de plátano, el poeta puertorriqueño, Luis Llorens Torres se refiere a esa cosa de nuestra herencia que ni el jabón no las quita de encima. Así como la mancha del plátano, tenemos esas cosas culturales que por mas que uno trate, nadie no las puede quitar. Ni deben intentarlo. Poder ser quienes somos de forma autentica es necesario para nuestro bienestar. Nuestra musica es musica de alegría. Nuestra comida fortalece el alma. Nuestra historia esta repleta de éxitos. Nuestro idioma acaricia el corazón. Para el Latino que es recién llegado a este país tal como el que nació aquí, a veces buscamos forma de quitarnos la mancha del plátano para poder asimilarnos. Desafortunadamente, nos olvidamos de esas cosas que nos hacen ser único y son esas cosas nos da [...]

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Hope, Help & Healing: Gambling and Suicide Prevention

Philadelphia is a city known for our sports teams and fans, who are the most knowledgeable and passionate. As an avid Eagles fan, I've noticed that every commercial break has sports betting advertisements for companies like FanDuel or Draftkings. Even sports analysts are promoting the apps and promising risk-free betting. We know that there is no such thing as risk-free betting. Not everyone who gambles develops a problem, but with the increased access (more casinos, online gambling, and sports betting) and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a higher risk of individuals developing a gambling addiction. Like many other substance addictions, those struggling with gambling addiction feel guilt, shame, and desperation from consequences of gambling including family strain, loss of employment, debt, and legal issues There is hope Recovery from gambling addiction is possible. Stevie struggled with gambling after being laid off from work. Going to the casino was a coping mechanism. Stevie's compulsive gambling caused her to have a strained relationship with her daughter and grandchild – and three suicide attempts. After a three-day binge at the casino, it was a wake-up call for her to call for help. She entered treatment. With the support of her daughter and professional treatment, she has been in recovery for 12 years. Stevie stated: "I still have good days and [...]

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Suicidal Ideation: A First-Person Account

I’m going to try my best to talk about my suicidal ideation and depression. Honestly, I still don’t completely understand how to explain. Let me start by telling you what I call my depressive and suicidal moods/episodes: “Moments.” I started calling them moments because it helps me remember that the way I’m feeling will pass soon. Even though I can’t understand myself during those moments, I can get through and overcome them. The word helps me build resiliency within myself.  These moments feel like heavy storm clouds surrounding my head. I'm sad, mad, lazy, unmotivated, and tired. Some days it’s one or the other; some days I’m all of those things at once. Then this thing called negative self-talk comes into play. Negative self-talk is very dangerous, it really can diminish a person and cause harm. If I am not able to speak positivity into my thoughts, I become stuck into a cycle of negative, intrusive, and harmful thoughts. During these stuck moments I feel blank, but my mind is going 1,000 mph. When I’m deep into my moments, it's hard for me to feel my worth. These don’t always happen in this order or simultaneously, some of these things exist on their own in my mind. I start to just feel a sensation of numbness and loneliness. I began to [...]

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Suicide Prevention Month: Know the Resources

If you or a member of your family had a mental health emergency, do you know what to do? Do you know where your local crisis center is? Do you know who to call if you see someone in crisis? Do you know how to support a family member who tells you they are thinking about ending their life? Can you read the signs that someone needs support even if they don’t tell you? In 2020, 21 percent of all Americans had any mental illness, but in the same year less than half (46.2%) of those individuals received mental health services (SAMHSA, 2021). September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month and a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of mental health resources and how to access them. Let’s review some of the resources available: HealthyMindsPhilly: This website is run by DBHIdS and contains an extensive list of national and local resources. It can connect you to crisis services, but focuses on being a hub for wellness and mental health advocacy. You can find blogs, public trainings, and access to support groups such as our Survivors of Suicide Loss group held four times a month for those with lived experience. HealthyMindsPhilly also has a section dedicated to substance use and addiction.  988/Philadelphia Crisis Line: 988 is the new phone number for the [...]

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