Losing Jack

Two years ago, I managed volunteer guides at a local museum. A college student named Jack collided with the museum like a meteor on a chilly fall day, took a tour, and decided to become a tour guide himself. All who knew him sensed Jack was living life at high speed.    Jack soon became a favorite at the museum. He was funny and insightful, and we became friends. One day, Jack sheepishly told me of his bipolar disorder. He was on a fast train to death, he said, and taking [...]

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Homeless, Hungry, and Hopeless

As a child, my family moved around a lot. Because of that, my thinking was not always consistent or stable. The memories of my childhood lists many addresses: By the time I was 10 years old, we had just moved to 46th and Market in a basement apartment. Prior to that, we lived with my great aunt in South Philly. Before that, we lived in the Southwark Projects, at 15th Christian and 4th south. Hunger was a constant in my childhood. It seems like we never had enough food [...]

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Can A Clean Mirror Heal Us?

Last September, I wrote a blog on What Recovery Means to Me to share the lessons I have learned and am still learning in my recovery process. One of the promises I made and kept was to return to college and finish my undergraduate degree. By the grace of my Higher Power and with a lot of determination, I re-enrolled at Temple University. The year was 2013, and I was back at TUUUUUUUU!!! However, I faced another roadblock. What will be my major? Do I finish my degree in African-American [...]

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Racism & My Mental Health

In 1961, James Baldwin was asked by a radio host about being Black in America. “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious,” Baldwin said, “is to be in a state of rage almost all of the time and in one’s work.” Racism takes a huge toll on one’s mental health. Racism affects how people operate in the workplace, at home, and in social settings. In my 20’s, racism caused me to be an angrier person. If I knew I would have to be in a [...]

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