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Janine Monico is a digital marketing consultant who has managed the Healthy Minds Philly initiative website since 2015.

Losing Jack

Two years ago, I managed volunteer guides at a local museum. A college student named Jack collided with the museum like a meteor on a chilly fall day, took a tour, and decided to become a tour guide himself. All who knew him sensed Jack was living life at high speed.    Jack soon became a favorite at the museum. He was funny and insightful, and we became friends. One day, Jack sheepishly told me of his bipolar disorder. He was on a fast train to death, he said, and taking [...]

2023-11-15T09:24:30-05:00November 17th, 2023|Lived Experience, Suicide Prevention|

Homeless, Hungry, and Hopeless

As a child, my family moved around a lot. Because of that, my thinking was not always consistent or stable. The memories of my childhood lists many addresses: By the time I was 10 years old, we had just moved to 46th and Market in a basement apartment. Prior to that, we lived with my great aunt in South Philly. Before that, we lived in the Southwark Projects, at 15th Christian and 4th south. Hunger was a constant in my childhood. It seems like we never had enough food [...]

2023-11-13T11:33:48-05:00November 13th, 2023|Community, Lived Experience|

It’s Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Daylight saving time is coming fast. If you are like many, the thought of an extra hour of sleep seems glorious. Plus, the fall brings pretty colors, fun holidays, crisp air, and pumpkin spice lattes. For others, fall brings with it feelings of depression—seasonal depression. This type of depression is called seasonal affective disorder or SAD - a type of depression that happens seasonally. Its symptoms usually last through fall and winter, about four to five months each year. For some individuals, SAD occurs in summer. However, this is not [...]

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LGBTQIA+ Ancestors

LGBTQIA+ ancestors inspire and encourage Queer people. LGBTQIA+ communities need this inspiration and encouragement, as they suffer higher rates of mental illness, often brought on by discrimination and oppression not impacting other straight and cisgender individuals.   LGBTQIA+ ancestors can be activists who won rights and freedoms—and still fight that fight—for this community. They are a noble part of the history of LGBTQIA+ rights. The community also takes inspiration from the history of great Queer artists. William Shakespeare, who is known as the English language’s greatest playwright, wrote 126 love poems [...]

2023-10-26T12:38:18-04:00October 16th, 2023|LGBTQIA|
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