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Janine Monico is a digital marketing consultant who has managed the Healthy Minds Philly initiative website since 2015.

No Feeling Is Final

Imagine you are at your doctor’s office. The nurse takes you back to see the doctor – what do they do next?  “Let me get your temperature, blood pressure, check your height and weight.” A process we are all used to: checking vital signs  Imagine you’re a client of mine now (I’m a psychotherapist, or simply, a therapist). You come into my office. I’ll check your mental health vital signs: How are you sleeping? How's your appetite? Your mood? Are you having fun? Are you hanging out with people?  So far, pretty straightforward, right? Next question might get people nervous: Have you had thoughts of wanting to be dead or harming yourself? Why am I having suicidal thoughts? Suicidal thoughts happen for a lot of different reasons. Maybe it's stress that feels neverending. We may feel like a burden to someone or not fit in anywhere. For BIPOC (black/indigineous/people of color) folks, racism can cause suicidal thoughts. Whatever the reason, please know that help is available. How can I take care of myself? First, tell someone about your stressors! The right people can be just what we need. If you don’t have a trusted person in your corner, call 9-8-8, the new crisis support number. Keep doing the basics: Get enough sleep, eat all your meals, keep up with your [...]

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What does recovery mean to me?

Recovery means keeping my promises. It means believing that I am a man of promise. It means learning to live a life full of promise. A little over 11 years ago, fresh out of rehab to address my substance abuse issues, I was walking King, my oldest son, to his wrestling practice, with my oldest daughter –  ‘Bug, short for Lady Bug –  who was 5 years old at the time. Holding my hand with a serious “kung-fu grip,” Bug looked up at me with these big, most beautiful brown eyes, and she challenged me by saying, asking, “Daddy never let me go!?!?” By the grace of my Higher Power, with a lot of prayer and tears, with the help and support of family and friends, and by putting in the hard work, I have been able to keep my promise. Not only have I kept my promise, but I have also learned how to get a better grip and improve upon, as well as consistently continue to double down on, my efforts to keep my word. Today, I am a present husband, father, son, brother, friend, and living, breathing human being. I have been able to go back and get my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, something I swore I would do while I was still in active addiction. I [...]

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Addiction Recovery: there IS a way

“Twelve and a half years ago I was in active addiction . . . and eventually I ended up in a hospital for mental health. I am now 7 1/2 years clean and sober. For anyone who wakes up thinking ‘oh god not again,’ I promise you there’s a way,” tweets Stranger Things actor Jamie Campbell Bower. His story of addiction recovery and mental health is one that resonates far and wide. Addiction affects about 22 million Americans. What most people don’t realize is the chances for healing are excellent. It is not always easy, or fast, but it is most certainly possible. 12 and a half years ago I was in active addiction. Hurting myself and those around me who I loved the most. It got so bad that eventually I ended up in a hospital for mental health. I am now 7 1/2 years clean and sober. I have made many mistakes in my life — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) July 27, 2022 Mental health and addiction recovery Mental illnesses and addiction tend to go hand in hand. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that substance abuse disorders and mental health issues share common risk factors such as genetics and early exposure to stress or trauma. In particular, those who live through [...]

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Minority Organ Donation

Did you know that over 60% of the people waiting for a new organ are minorities? Or that one individual donor can heal over 75 people with just their tissue?  Minority organ donation statistics are surprising.  For example, nearly 20,000 people of color received organ donations in 2021. Just one-third of those organs came from minorities. In discussions about organ donation, the truth is often mirky. “I’d like to help, but it’s against my religion,” or “My body is too old.” These statements are not true. That’s why minorities should be concerned about organ donation myths. Let’s look at some of them, and get to the facts: My doctor won’t give me life-saving treatment if I sign up to be a donor.  Physicians and other healthcare professionals take the Hippocratic Oath to “first, do no harm.” This includes the lives of donors. Preservation of life is the whole reason that organ and body donation exist. My health isn’t good, so I can’t donate.  Very few medical conditions screen you out as a donor. Regardless of your overall health, certain organs may be healthy and a match to someone on the waiting list. I’m too old to donate. Doctors evaluate each potential donor on a case-by-case basis using strict criteria. There is no set age limit for organ or tissue donation. [...]

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