I cannot stop cutting myself. Please, help me understand why!

Cutting, burning, scratching, hitting, or biting oneself is often called “self-harm.” Self-harm refers to the deliberate act of causing physical harm to oneself. It is typically done to cope with emotional pain, distress, or overwhelming feelings. For example, a teenager feels very upset after an argument with their mom because they got a bad school report – or because they are dating and their families do not approve.  Feelings of distress can be very overwhelming. Then the teen might experience the urge to cut to calm down. Some teens say [...]

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“Pardon me, but it’s not supposed to be everlasting punishment!”

Release from custody and supervision should bring relief! After release, returning citizens regain their freedom, reunite with friends and family, and start working towards their life goals. However, what should be a small setback for “correction” becomes, for many, a long-lasting punishment. This is due to the secondary consequences of a criminal record.  The American Bar Association says criminal records nationwide can raise over 40,000 barriers for returning citizens. It may be hard to get a job, go back to school, or get stable housing. It may be hard to [...]

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Juneteenth Crossroads: Music and Black Culture

Juneteenth is a significant holiday for Black Americans. It’s a time to celebrate freedom and reflect on the struggles and sacrifices of their ancestors. It is a powerful reminder of Black culture, history, and resilience in the face of adversity. Black communities come together to celebrate Juneteenth through various cultural activities, including community events, parades, and especially music, which has played a vital role in Black liberation throughout history. Enslaved Africans historically used music as a tool for communication and resistance, while hip-hop continues today to shed light on the [...]

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Period Poverty: What is and how it harms us

What is period poverty? Period poverty is the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products, sanitation facilities, toilets, handwashing areas, and education around menstruation. Period poverty can mean that people are unable to afford pads and tampons and may be forced to use other materials to manage their periods such as cardboard, rags, toilet paper, and leaves. This can cause harm to someone's physical, emotional, and mental health. Who is most impacted by period poverty? In the United States, period poverty disproportionately impacts menstruators who are low-income, experiencing housing insecurity, [...]

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