Identifying signs and symptoms of mental health and/or addiction challenges is the first step in taking care of yourself or someone you care about.

You can take an online, no-cost private mental check-up 24/7 through this website by clicking the “Online Screening” button below. You will find several types of screenings, including general well-being screenings and specific screenings, like for anxiety or depression.

You can also visit one of our community health fairs to complete an in-person screening and get some information on mental health and how to stay well.  Click on “Find a Community Screening” to see if an event is happening soon.

Take care of your mental health today!

Screening User Experience: “I had a lot going on, but I generally bounce back pretty quickly, but this time was different. I would watch a movie and cry, really cry. I wasn’t sleeping well, and making a meal took a lot of effort. I took the screening, and the results confirmed for me what I was thinking but didn’t want to admit or say out loud.