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Mental Health First Aid

Similar to CPR, Mental Health First Aiders learn basic skills to help another person in need of support. Mental Health First Aid teaches how to assist a person who may be struggling with mental health or addiction challenges, and what to do if the person you are helping is in crisis.

Mental Health First Aid leads to:

  • Greater recognition of behavioral health challenges
  • Increased confidence in one’s ability to help
  • Increased amount of help provided
  • Decreased stigmatizing attitudes while promoting inclusion

Research shows that people are more likely to assist another person after this training, and more likely to recommend treatment resources. This training has also been shown to decrease stigma toward people with behavioral health challenges.

About the Course

Virtual Mental Health First Aid® Trainings, sponsored by the City of Philadelphia, Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, are now available with limited seating in each course. This course is provided at NO COST to those who live, work or study in the City of Philadelphia.

The virtual Adult MHFA training is based on new curricula that includes expanded content on trauma, addiction, and self-care. Youth MHFA now includes new content applicable for adults working with elementary-age children, including content on the impact of social media. The content is gender-neutral and culturally relevant.

Course Description

  • 2-hour, self-paced webinar, followed by a 
  • 5.5-hour, Instructor-led class using videoconferencing technology.
  • Completion of both courses is required to obtain the 3-year national certification as a Mental Health First Aider. 

Technical Requirements

  • Desktop or laptop computer with audio/video capability.

Current Virtual Course Types

  • Adult
  • Youth
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“I feel so confident and empowered after today’s lesson.” 

– Abby Sharrer, Temple University Student

“Thank you so much for the excellent training today.  Helpful information for all areas of my life, family, and work.”  

– Lt. Jalene Brister, Philadelphia Department of Prisons

“I truly learned so much from the MHFA training and I am looking forward to taking action.” 

– Gabrielle Savidge, Temple University Student

About Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a program of the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, a membership organization that advocates for policies to ensure equitable access to high-quality services and increases the capacity of mental health and substance use treatment organizations. National Council for Mental Wellbeing promotes a greater understanding of mental wellbeing as a core component of comprehensive health and health care.