Mental Illness Coping Resources

Have you, a loved one, or someone you know recently been diagnosed with a mental health challenge? There are articles for support available:

You’ve Just Been Diagnosed… Now What?
The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance put together a pamphlet providing first-hand insight along with what is to be expected when you have just diagnosed with a mood disorder.

I Was Just Diagnosed with a Mental Illness… Now What?
MindBodyGreen provided an article regarding what to expect when you are diagnosed with a mental illness. This article offers three suggestions of how to cope.

Dealing with a Mental Illness Diagnosis
HereToHelp offers insight on all questions that come to mind when faced with the diagnosis of a mental illness.

Staying Well When You Have a Mental Illness
PsychCentral provides insight on holistic ways to cope with your mental illness.

How to Talk to Someone about Being Diagnosed
Worried about telling someone you have been recently diagnosed with a mental health challenge? This article offers suggestions on how to alleviate the stress of telling friends and family when you are ready.