Free Mental Health Training
for Police & Law Enforcement.

Mental Health First Aid/Public Safety teaches effective response options to deescalate incidents without compromising safety. It is also designed for officers to utilize not only during a mental health response, but also during routine encounters with victims, witnesses, homeless people, missing persons, and other community members appearing distressed.

The better prepared officers and staff are to respond effectively and appropriately to individuals needing help, the more likely the interaction will be a positive one.  Mental Health First Aid offers a tailored supplement which builds upon the effectiveness of the standard Mental Health First Aid curriculum by focusing on the unique experiences and needs of law enforcement, corrections, and public safety audiences. 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a public education program that teaches the skills needed to identify, understand, and respond to signs of behavioral health challenges or crises.  First Aid is given until appropriate supports are received.  Research shows that Mental Health First Aid leads to:

  • Greater recognition of behavioral health challenges
  • Increased confidence in one’s ability to help
  • Increased amount of help provided
  • Decreased stigmatizing attitudes while promoting inclusion

This training is for adults who work in Law Enforcement and Public Safety (law enforcement officers, private security, probation and parole, fire/EMS, corrections, dispatchers, courts, legal, town watch, etc.).

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