Free Mental Health Training
for Paramedics & First Responders

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a way to increase the level of baseline knowledge about mental health and substance abuse issues, and to decrease the negative perceptions often associated with these themes.

For first responders and paramedics, this knowledge base is critical as it equips responders to handle themselves in a wellness-informed and professional manner, especially given the nature of their work.  MHFA can help a first responder / paramedic to identify signs and symptoms of behavioral health distress while treating a person for a physical ailment or injury.  This capacity to help someone and to look at them as a whole person is critical to good, quality and effective care, especially in situations where an individual may be experiencing high anxiety, panic, or distress.

The adult curriculum is part of the core education in MHFA but also has a supplement tailored to first responders and paramedics: the Public Safety Module.  This module covers situations that can occur on the job, how to stand certain ways to keep both the individual and the responder safe, and teaches the five step action plan to equip everyone who takes the course with the ability to make the job a healthier place.

This training also provides an opportunity for first responders / paramedics to become more in tune with their own mental health and emotional well-being, and that of their colleagues.  The nature of work for a first responder/paramedic can result in a significant number of stressors, including exhaustion and vicarious trauma.  Being informed and equipped to manage signs and symptoms of mental health challenges will contribute to a healthier workforce and the community being served by first responders and paramedics.

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