Mental Health Training for Teachers

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training increases the level of baseline knowledge about mental health conditions and substance use issues and aims to decrease the negative perceptions often associated with these themes.  This training can also increase one’s confidence to assist and referr people to the resources that do exist.

MHFA offers two primary curricula: Adult and Youth.  By offering both curricula, teachers will be able to recognize the signs, symptoms and warning signs of illness in their colleagues as well as their students, offer assistance, and connect the person to resources and care.

When teachers take the Youth MHFA course, they will be equipped with knowledge for students ages 12-18, while the adult MHFA course will start at age 18.  The five (5) step action plan, ALGEE, taught in both MHFA courses can assist teachers with proper techniques on how to approach certain troublesome topics not covered in their graduate studies in both classroom management and teaching techniques.

The courses of MHFA will cover anxiety, depression, disordered eating, suicidal ideation, mental health challenges, and substance abuse challenges that have lately become prevalent in today’s schools.  When teachers utilize MHFA, they then build a healthier community, educational system, student body, and most importantly a healthier and de-stigmatized classroom that’s more accepting of mental health challenges.