Preventing Underage Alcohol Use (Part 1)

Online, Philadelphia

This webinar will provide a broad overview of the current state of underage drinking and related prevention efforts. It will include a review of the data on the prevalence of alcohol use and alcohol use patterns, along with data on the adverse effects of underage alcohol use and research on its risk and protective factors. The webinar will also discuss what is known about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on underage alcohol use. Finally, it will provide an overview of Federal underage drinking prevention efforts and the types of evidence-based strategies that prevention professionals can implement. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Summarize the data on the state of underage drinking and its consequences Explain the research on risk and protective factors for engaging in underage drinking Explore what is known and unknown about the impact of COVID-19 Overview Federal prevention efforts Highlight evidence-based prevention strategies and related resources

Holding Pain and Prospering

Online, Philadelphia

A group to discuss various types of trauma and ways we can carry it as we move forward Led by Dr. Ebony White and Dr. Sam Ware Open to everyone

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