Opioid Overdose Prevention and Narcan Rescue

Online https://forms.gle/vVPL2AQF2cGz3bTS6, Philadelphia

This training will cover Opioid 101 and Narcan Rescue, the impact efforts to the Opioid epidemic nationally & locally, the city’s efforts to combat the epidemic. It will describe different types of Opioids medically prescribed & non prescribed, identify overdose risk factors, the laws that govern the ability to help someone in distress, signs and symptoms of an Opioid overdose, what Narcan is and how to administer it. Learning Objectives: • Define how Narcan works • Identify different types of Opioids • Recognize signs and symptoms of an Opioid overdose • Understand Overdose Reversal steps • Understand how to obtain Narcan Registration Deadline: April 14, 2021

Holding Pain and Prospering

Online https://forms.gle/vVPL2AQF2cGz3bTS6, Philadelphia

A group to discuss various types of trauma and ways we can carry it as we move forward Led by Dr. Ebony White and Dr. Sam Ware Open to everyone

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