Overdose Awareness and Reversal Training

In response to COVID-19, the Substance Use Prevention & Harm Reduction Division (SUPHR) will be offering a live virtual overdose awareness and reversal training that will cover the basics of reversing an opioid overdose and additional COVID-19 risk reduction tips. Those who register & provide a shipping address can receive Narcan mailed to them after the training. If you have health insurance or are a well-resourced person, please consider paying for naloxone on your own, as this allows us to reserve our supply for those in our community who have the least access.

A Conversation on COVID-19 with Dr. Fauci and the Muslim Community

As questions about Covid-19 vaccines and treatments arise, American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) is excited to invite you to attend an exclusive meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American physician and immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. Since 2020, Dr. Fauci has had a leading role in the White House Coronavirus Task Force and is currently serving as the Chief Medical Adviser on COVID-19 to President Joe Biden.

Black Mental Health Matters

Black Mental Health Matters (Part I) is a webinar facilitated by Dr. Eunice Peterson, a board-certified Adult, and Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. The webinar is an interactive presentation with a Q&A session designed to provide participants with an understanding of how racism impacts mental health. Dr. Peterson will present information on the history of racism in healthcare, the stigma of mental healthcare in communities of color, and the impact of microtraumas and microaggressions on the mental health/wellness in communities of color. Part I of this webinar program will focus on some of the ways that the history of racism impacts the delivery and accessibility of mental health care in communities of color. While both Part I and Part II of "Black Mental Health Matters" are open to all participants, Part I of the series will provide insights specific to healthcare providers and the staff that support them. Learning Objectives: To understand the history that informs the barriers to seeking mental healthcare in the Black community/communities of color and to learn some of the ways in which racism impacts mental health. To better understand the key determinants of racial equity in delivering mental health services and to sensitize healthcare professionals to the equity challenges across race in mental health services. To learn about the ways in which police brutality and other [...]

Black Generational Wealth: Wealth – Where the Real Money Resides

What kind of relationship do you have with money?  What comes to mind when you think of wealth?  Are being rich and wealthy the same thing?  Join us as we seek to unlearn unhealthy habits and learn and apply successful strategies for attaining and maintaining wealth. Topics: Financial Literacy - value of good and repairing credit, establishing a budget and positive cash flow, managing debt, good vs bad debt, Life/Health Insurance (Keys to Generational Wealth) Financial Planning - Tools for growing your money Investing - stocks, mutual funds, real estate Pooling resources - groups, clubs, family members

Radical Self-care in an Era of Activism: A Virtual Salon

Join chef Jena Harris and Professor Pysche Williams-Forson for an evening of self care grounded in the salon-style traditions of the Harlem Renaissance. Chef Jena will use accessible ingredients in a live demonstration and welcome participants to make and enjoy sustaining food and drink using recipes shared in advance. Throughout the event, we will discuss and learn more from Professor Williams-Forson about how the contributions of authors, artists, and activists to American art and politics have built movements which center radical self love. This free, interactive program is a collaboration with the Rosenbach's I Am an American! exhibit and the Free Library's Making Her Mark exhibit -- both of which highlight the life and legacy of Alice Dunbar-Nelson. For more information, visit freelibrary.org/exhibitions and www.alicedunbarnelson.com If you are in Philadelphia and would like to receive a free box of ingredients to use in preparing the recipes, please contact chef Jena at bunnyhopphl@gmail.com to place your request. Please note: supplies are limited and will need to be picked up unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. Please note: everyone who registers will receive a Zoom link in advance of the event via email.

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