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Engage in meaningful conversation about how organizations can reimagine programs to support emotional health and wellness for immigrants and refugee communities.

The Community Fund for Immigrant Wellness uses a participatory grantmaking model to support programs and organizations that work with immigrants and refugees to improve emotional wellbeing and quality of life. In 2020, the Community Fund funded three programs across the City of Philadelphia:

Chinese Immigrant Family Wellness Program (a partnership of Hall Mercer and Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation)

Intercultural Wellness Program (a partnership of AFAHO and Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians)

Tabadul: Reflecting on Our Experiences Through the Arts (a partnership of Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture and Northeast High School)

Each of these programs have held therapeutic spaces for communities to find meaning in identity, create meaningful social connections, and build confidence and leadership skills – all while navigating the challenges of COVID-19. As a cohort, they have collaborated with and supported each other to enhance all of their programs. Join us as we learn about and celebrate their work on January 26, 2021.

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