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Spirituality and the Life-time Course of Mental Illness: Support for Patients, Caregivers, and Family by Faith Community

November 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Spiritual Social Support is not just a good idea. Research has shown that it has a positive, measurable impact everyone from the elderly to children and many points across the lifetime. This is not only true in research, but also in the lives of caregivers and those who walk alongside those with mental health challenges. This webinar will connect both these points, the research as well as the lived experience, describing the benefits of spiritual social support in the lives of those affected by mental illness in themselves and their loved ones. Presenters will share perspectives about how spiritual social support makes a difference and should be considered as a part of the prevention of and recovery for mental illness.

Spirituality and Mental Health Webinar Series
Research demonstrates that spirituality and religion positively impact health and wellness across the continuum of care. In prevention, treatment, and the experience of severe and recurrent mental illness, both primary and co-morbid outcomes are improved when the patient and their family receive spiritual and religious support. Understanding the critical intersections of spirituality and mental health can increase the overall effectiveness and quality of treatment across an individual’s continuum of care. Faith leaders and mental health practitioners are working together developing strong and successful examples of what can be replicated around the nation. This six-part webinar series will: Enhance awareness of current research and programs; Provide practical examples of faith and mental health practitioners working together collaboratively; and Increase the hope of individuals living with mental illness and their loved ones.

November 10
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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