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SHE SHINES! is a women’s conference especially designed for women of color. The purpose of this conference is to mobilize, empower, engage, enrich, and inspire a collective network of women from various walks of life and diverse experiences. SHE SHINES, as she embraces her culture while aspiring to live a thriving, God-inspired purposeful life in her home, workplace, community, houses of worship, and in the public sphere. Our three-word purpose statement: Inspire, Hope, and Shine motivates us to uplift and celebrate sisterhood.

(1) Validating the importance of self-care, meaningful relationships, and the benefits of balancing life, work, and productivity.

(2) Heightening attendees’ awareness about civic participation, activism, and mobilizing women to collectively use and exercise their power and voice in the public square.

(3) Encouraging and supporting women to pursue and serve in key leadership positions in various professions, industries, communities, and government sectors;

(4) Assessing the intersectionality of faith, values, ethics, and principles in the workplace and communities.

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