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“To empower you spiritually, inform you intellectually, inspire you with hope and determination, and motivate you with drive and renewed strength to stand bold in your purpose and live out your faith in this ever-changing world.” (A.R. Bernard)

SHE SHINES Conference is Philadelphia’s premier women’s conference. We focus on empowering, inspiring, and offering hope and opportunities by engaging a collective network of women, particularly black women, who are disenfranchised and disproportionately represented in various sectors and spaces throughout the region and beyond.

Our goals are to mobilize, empower, and inspire women to:
· See beyond the impossibilities and visualize the insurmountable opportunities beyond her current circumstances and barriers.
· Highlight and emphasize that she is endowed with strength, power, creativity, humor, and intellect.
· Insulate her heart with God’s love, her mind with knowledge, and her body with energy and strength for her journey.
· Never compromise her convictions, morals, principles, and ethics which will only lead to one’s demise; but rather nourish her spirit and soul with that which brings forth life!
· Embrace her distinct culture and unique body image and likeness that is beautifully and wonderfully created by God.
Our objective is for women to pursue their God-inspired purpose and dreams by way of inciting and energizing the consciousness of women by (1) heightening their awareness about civic engagement by way of empowering and mobilizing women to collectively use and exercise their power, voice, and voting rights; (2) educating and providing resources focusing on health and self-care, and (3) to encourage, inspire, and support women to realize their dreams, pursue their purpose, and to create a legacy for future generations.

Our conference includes workshops that are facilitated by local and national subject matter experts focusing on our three core pillars:
(1) Civic Engagement/Voting Rights; (2) Health/Wellness & Safety; and (3) Spiritual Enrichment; Q&A Sessions, and Networking Opportunities.
Women are welcomed and invited to visit our Vendors/Resource Information Marketplace throughout the day. We are committed to supporting black businesses, especially women entrepreneurs. We also provide healthcare and mental health screenings, speak with healthcare providers and a relaxation massage area.
Simply, our three-word purpose statement: Inspire, Hope, and Shine drive our mission to uplift and celebrate sisterhood and to share our stories.

Bethanna will be in attendance and will provide Behavioral Health screenings, information on behavioral health, and resources for well-being.

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