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How to talk about race with young children and their families in a therapeutic environment

October 8 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Due to systemic racism, racial disparities present in our society in a wide variety of ways. Within the past few months there has been increased attention given to discussions centered on systemic racism, racial disparities, and anti-racist behavior. Clinicians who work with young children and families have had to think critically about the ways in which they discuss race and racism with the children and families they work with. As a result, many clinicians have questions regarding the best ways to approach these crucial discussions within the context of the therapeutic relationship. Clinicians who practice evidence based treatment models very often find themselves wondering how they can be mindful of racial disparities and address race and racism while staying true to treatment models. As such, there is a need for practical tools that can be implemented by clinicians.

Dr. Tasha Brown will lead the workshop and address the following learning objectives:

• Clinicians will walk away with a concrete understanding of what it means to practice anti-racist behavior in the therapeutic setting.

• Clinicians will acquire skills needed to start meaningful and effective conversations about race and racism with children between ages 2-8. Clinicians will also walk away with concreate ways to have these conversation with the caregivers of children they work with.

• Clinicians will think critically about the ways they can navigate conversions about race and racism in the context of evidence based treatment models (e.g, Parent-Child Interaction therapy, Incredible Years, etc).

October 8
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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