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DBHIDS Support Form Information

In-person Behavioral Health Screenings: Understanding behavioral health is a key part of maintaining overall health. Identifying signs and symptoms of behavioral health (mental health and/or substance use) challenges is an important part of this process. Behavioral health screenings are not intended to diagnose individuals; however, they highlight certain symptoms consistent with various behavioral health challenges such as Depression. DBHIDS staff, or a trained provider partner, will assist individuals in taking a screening at your community event and provide further support and referral services as needed. (http://dev-psoc.com/screening/).

General Resource Table: DBHIDS staff will distribute literature and actively engage with individuals at your community event to provide a wide variety of informational resources regarding access and awareness of behavioral health services and other behavioral health related topics. General resource information on Healthy Minds Philly, which includes information on the Mental Health First Aid program and behavioral health screenings, is also included.

Guest Speaker/Presentation: DBHIDS can provide brief presentations to your group regarding accessing behavioral health services and a variety of other topics. Please be sure to list your proposed topic above if you a have a specific request.

NOTE: All Mental Health First Aid individual and group training requests must be submitted via http://dev-psoc.com/mhfa/. This form is for Community Events Support only.

Please forward additional supporting documents (flyers, invitations, etc.) to: DBHIDS-CommunityEvents@phila.gov

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