Boost Your Mood: Wellness Tips

Tips to improve your mood during difficult times.

Get Support

Basic help can make a big difference.

  • Ask for a hand with pressing tasks if you’re overextended. 
  • Get emotional support. Sharing your frustrations or venting can release tension and help you move on.
  • Consider professional help if you need it.

Caregiver Wellness

Caregivers should take care of themselves mentally and physically.

  • Eat healthy meals, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. 
  • Find ways to relax and take breaks. Five-minute breaks reduce stress.
  • Find support from people who understand. You can join a support group or talk with friends and family who are also caregivers.

Youth Wellness

Children of all ages want to know: Am I safe? Are my caregivers safe? How will this affect my daily life?

  • Talk with kids about COVID-19, violence, and other traumatic events; listen for fears and address concerns. 
  • If you notice a change in behavior (excessive worry or sadness, unhealthy eating or sleeping, or trouble concentrating) contact a pediatrician or mental health specialist for assistance.

Community Wellness

Recent events have deeply impacted the wellbeing of Philadelphia communities.

  • You are not alone!
  • The community becomes the safety net in tough times. Check on neighbors, family, and friends who may need support.
  • For support to help cope with community trauma, email

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