Kimberly Rymsha
Acting Director of Communications

Do you worry about work? Finances? Your spouse or your children?

Worrying about things is a major part of the human condition. It’s certainly normal to worry about money, finances, health, relationships and more.

However, when worry disrupts how well you can live your life or seems to be about practically everything, your worry might be a condition called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

If you have something coming up in your life such as a major exam, a medical diagnosis or family event, it is normal to spend time worrying about it. If, however, your worry seems to be general (a feeling of overall dread or about everything) you may have GAD. People with GAD often have trouble sleeping or concentrating and feel that their worrying is out of control.

There are several ways to successfully treat GAD, including cognitive behavioral therapy (this involves reframing certain thoughts to influence mood), medication, and therapy among others.

In addition, Healthy Mind Philly offers free and anonymous self-assessments for generalized anxiety disorder and other mental health conditions. Take a check up from the neck up today to improve your mental wellness, and take charge of your worrying!

— Contributed by Kimberly Rymsha, Acting Director of Communications, DBHIDS

Andrea Brooks
Manager of Provider Development and Transformation Initiatives

Brooke Feldman
Project Coordinator

When former DBHIDS team member, Brooke Feldman, passed the torch as lead captain of Team DBHIDS for PRO-ACT’s Recovery Walks! to Manager of Provider Development and Transformation Initiatives, Andrea Brooks in 2014, it signified the beginning of a partnership between two champions of recovery.