An Introduction to Instinctive Meditation with Jessica Pavelka, LPC

The Buddha gave us 84,000 meditation practices and we tend to believe one form of mindfulness meditation is the only one out there. There’s “no one size fits all” with meditation. There is a wealth of practices and all of them are ways of appreciating the grandeur of what life is. Instinctual meditation is a practice of welcoming all of who you are: your thoughts, desires, instincts, senses, and curiosities. It also plays with the elements: earth, air, space, fire, water. It is and inner and outer journey with Pranashakti, life force. Founded by Lorin Roche, PhD the author of The Radiance Sutras, Instinctive Meditation is a practice for people who live in the world and have jobs, families, friends, bills, homes It can be experienced sitting, lying down, dancing, gardening, or say, skiing. It is freeing because you get to be yourself and cultivate flow by accepting all of your thoughts. The technique itself is effortless. Once you become skilled, you gain deep understanding of your natural rhythms, thus life becomes a dance without resistance! Everyone needs help with this. During the workshop we will explore how we are natural meditators. It is unfortunate that people believe, “If they can’t clear their mind or stop their thinking, they can’t meditate”. There is enough trauma, pain, and invalidation in the [...]

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Yoga & Mental Health

Research about the healing benefits of yoga is growing. Many people are turning to yoga as an emotional release and to improve their mental health. How come? We know that our emotions can be felt as physical sensations in the body

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