Teen Dating Violence: A Parent’s Workshop on Tough Conversations

Join the Office of Domestic Violence Strategies for Teen Dating Violence: A Parents’ Workshop on Tough Conversations. This lunch and learn session will share information about teen dating violence, demonstrate conversation starters for talking about healthy relationships, and answer audience questions. There will be panelists from Lutheran Settlement House, Women Against Abuse, and Congreso de Latinos Unidos.

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Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

Are you feeling overwhelmed by multiple challenges in your life that are negatively impacting your work? Join SPIN for a session where we can explore tips and ideas for how to build self-care into your daily routine as well as discuss your concerns with your supervisor or employer.

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Addressing Systemic Problems: Taking A Stance Against Gun Violence Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Global Identity Partnership (PGIP) is hosting a fireside chat to have a tough discussion about gun violence in Philly. Join us for a fireside chat titled “Addressing Systemic Problems: Taking A Stance Against Gun Violence Philadelphia” from 5-7:30pm. PGIP will end the night with a happy hour to intentionally network on actionable plans to reduce violence in Philadelphia and the resources needed to implement them. All attendees are encouraged to be prepared to have meaningful discussions on the resources they can access (plans and/or funding) to bring potential [...]

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