Using Art as a Coping Tool to Build Resilience

Providing services to individuals who experience intense daily challenges can lead to burnout over time, and self-care may be the most powerful coping tool for prevention. This experiential workshop will build upon your understanding of secondary trauma and explore ways that art can be used to help you cope with work-related stressors and beyond. You will learn the benefits of making art for self-care and have opportunities to practice art exercises to promote resilience during the workshop. Practical ways to consistently integrate art for self-care into your life will also [...]

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Impact of Gardening on Mental Health

Get your hands dirty to feel better! Gardening engages you physically, mentally, and socially. Health benefits are numerous and you don’t need to live in the suburbs or the country to experience gardening and its benefits.  Gardening can positively impact a number of health outcomes, including: Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety Decrease in reported stress and mood disturbances Decrease in BMI Higher reported sense of community Increased physical activity Improved cognitive function Gardening has both immediate and long-term effects on health. For individuals with mental health conditions, horticultural therapy [...]

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Coping with Stress

Since 1992 The Health Resource Network (HRN) has sponsored Stress Awareness Month in April, with National Stress Awareness Day observed on April 16th. Stress affects all of us, so take this time to learn how to identify your stressors and familiarize yourself with the tools for coping with stress. Kinds of Stress There are two forms of stress: acute and chronic. We all face acute stress each day - from the traffic on the way to work to the realization that you didn’t prepare for tonight’s dinner. Acute stress is [...]

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