Roxborough – National Depression Screening Day at Journey’s Way

Clinical Staff of the Greenridge Counseling Center will provide onsite in-person mental health screenings to interested individuals at Journey's Way Senior Center in Roxborough. Clinician will be on hand to answer questions and to provide resources and referrals. Given the impact of COVID on our mental health and wellbeing, we encourage everyone to take a few moments out of their day to complete a "check up from the neck up!"

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National Depression Screening Day 2015

Dana Careless
Manager for Health Promotion

Picture Citizens Bank Park Stadium.  Look around at all of the seats, row after row, filled with over 40,000 spectators.  Now, I want you to picture dividing the stadium into four equal parts, each part containing over 10,000 individuals.  Statistically speaking, that entire group of people is living with a diagnosable mental health challenge.

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