Taking PRIDE in Our Grief: Exploring Grief, Substance Use & Loss in LGBTQ+ Community

This Pride month, we would like to acknowledge the grief that can often accompany the joy of honoring one’s gender and sexual identity. While being a part of the LGBTQ+ community can bring freedom, connection and acceptance, one also faces social stigma, discrimination, shame and increased violence. Statistics collected from the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicate that LGBTQ+ folks are at roughly twice the risk of developing a substance use disorder as their cis, heterosexual counterparts. It is also more difficult to openly grieve a loss or practically honor [...]

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Mi recorrido verdadero como mujer transgénero

Nacer hombre o mujer implica roles de género específicos y responsabilidades que se perciben como parte de dichos roles, tanto en la familia como en la sociedad. Ante los ojos de mi familia y de la sociedad, yo no era el hombre típico que todos esperaban. Crecer como mujer transgénero fue muy difícil. No era aceptada y sufría maltratos físicos, emocionales y sociales. Papúa Nueva Guinea es una sociedad dominada por los hombres y ser una mujer transgénero se percibe como algo anormal, que no está en consonancia con las creencias culturales y [...]

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My Real Journey as a Transgender Woman

Being born male or female comes with specific gender roles and perceived responsibilities with those roles in both a family and in society. In the eyes of my family and society, I was not the typical male that that everyone expected me to be. Growing up as a transgender woman was very difficult. I was not accepted and was subjected to physical, emotional, and social abuse.

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