Safety in the Community Workshop

Join PA Family Network Advisors as we plan and problem solve for the safety of your loved one with intellectual disabilities and/or autism by: • sharing practical skills and strategies for safety at home, work, and in the community; • identifying possible ways to apply LifeCourse Framework and Tools in useful, flexible, and simple ways; • supporting each other by discussing steps toward a vision for remaining safe within our community while living a meaningful and good life.

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Advanced Waiver Workshops

Part 1: Expand upon definitions discussed in Waiver Basics (101) workshops and learn more about the various services defined under waivers and some of their limits, requirements, and options Part 2: Guide participants on researching waivers, utilizing resources and understanding your rights and responsibilities. There will be a discussion of the various waiver appendices, due process, fair hearing, and more.

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Communication Champions – Apple Products Accessibility

Please join us Friday, March for a dynamic discussion with Damon Ross, Senior Accessibility Advisor at Apple, Inc. Damon provides senior-level technical support for Apple customers. This is an opportunity to learn about accessibility features for Apple devices including iPhones and iPads. You do not want to miss this event. This will be a Zoom virtual meeting so be sure to register in advance. For more information, email

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