Advanced Waiver Workshops

Part 1: Expand upon definitions discussed in Waiver Basics (101) workshops and learn more about the various services defined under waivers and some of their limits, requirements, and options Part 2: Guide participants on researching waivers, utilizing resources and understanding your rights and responsibilities. There will be a discussion of the various waiver appendices, due process, fair hearing, and more.

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Sibling Good Life Group

This group of adult siblings will have the opportunity guide the group’s direction, network with other siblings, talk about your lived experience, hear from experts on topics relevant to sibling life, have open and informative discussions, and plan for a future that holds true potential for you and your family.

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Using the LifeCourse Framework for Transition

What happens when the bus stops coming? Do you need a vision or a plan? Join PA Family Network for an interactive workshop to discuss thought provoking questions surrounding a new day-to-day plan, obtain information and resources to be used during this time of change, address question and concerns, and utilize the LifeCourse Framework and Tools in useful, flexible and simple ways

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LifeSharing Lunch and Learn

Join Philadelphia IDS and the LifeSharing Committee for an inspiring, informative, and dynamic session. Presenters include LifeSharing Families, LifeSharing Agencies, and IDS. Learn about what is happening in LifeSharing and how you can become involved. Hear family stories of how LifeSharing has had a positive impact in their lives. You don’t want to miss this event.

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