Advanced Waiver Workshops

Part 1: Expand upon definitions discussed in Waiver Basics (101) workshops and learn more about the various services defined under waivers and some of their limits, requirements, and options Part 2: Guide participants on researching waivers, utilizing resources and understanding your rights and responsibilities. There will be a discussion of the various waiver appendices, due process, fair hearing, and more.

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Using Art as a Coping Tool to Build Resilience

Providing services to individuals who experience intense daily challenges can lead to burnout over time, and self-care may be the most powerful coping tool for prevention. This experiential workshop will build upon your understanding of secondary trauma and explore ways that art can be used to help you cope with work-related stressors and beyond. You will learn the benefits of making art for self-care and have opportunities to practice art exercises to promote resilience during the workshop. Practical ways to consistently integrate art for self-care into your life will also [...]

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In Our Own Words: An Adult Autism Panel

The Center for Autism, in collaboration with Turning Points for Children, will be hosting a virtual Parent Café during Autism Acceptance/Awareness month. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of adults with autism and ask questions regarding their experiences and thoughts on neurodiversity. Center for Autism will be providing Behavioral health screenings.

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