Lot Crew 1st Annual Basketball Tournament

CityWide has joined some local in support , @lotcrewllc, and some local community groups for a 1st annual basketball tournament 🏀⛹🏽 LOT CREW FIRST ANNUAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT SPONSORED BY STATE REPRESENTATIVE JARED SOLOMON, CITYWIDE COMMUNITY COUNSELING SERVICES AND THE PHILADELPHIA POLICE DEPARTMENT - Games will start after introductions at 1:30. Each game will be 20 minutes with 10 minute halves. Two police officers will play within each game, and winner gets a prize in the end. We will do raffles at the end of each game, you may win something really nice😯 - These teams are first come first serve so if you have a 5 please have them sign up FAST! Jerseys are provided by the sponsors of the teams! @chriskennedy1001 will be our special guest MC, BRING YOUR BEST GAME! Citywide Community Counseling Services will partner and will provide free behavioral health screening and related resources.