Have you ever wondered how your thoughts can shape how you feel and how you act?
Or did you just do a check-up from the neck up and are ready to take another step towards getting the support you need to feel better?

Here in Philadelphia, you can sign up for Beating the Blues – a free, online Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) program.  The program can be a powerful tool for overcoming feelings of depression and anxiety, and to manage life stressors in general.

The program is highly interactive and easy to use. You just log into a website once a week for about 50 minutes and go thru the sessions without having to leave your home (or anywhere else you have internet access).  Within 8 weeks, you will have completed a full CBT program and become equipped with new coping strategies to handle current life stressors.

Support is readily available through The Mental Health Association if who require assistance with the program or just simply need to speak to someone about one of the sessions.

Beating the Blues can be used before, alongside, or instead of other behavioral health services and is a great next step if you just took a behavioral health screening.

For more information about Beating the Blues, please contact:
Rachelle Weiss at 267.507.2990 or rweiss@mhasp.org