There is a standing order for naloxone written for the general public.

Although naloxone is a prescription medication, Pennsylvania has passed laws making it available as a standing order, which allows pharmacists to dispense naloxone without requiring an individual prescription.

Naloxone prescriptions can be filled at most pharmacies. Although the medication may not be available for same day pickup, it can often be ordered and available within a day or two.

When you arrive at the pharmacy, be sure to:

  • Have insurance card ready.
  • Bring an ID.
  • Ask whether the pharmacy has naloxone in stock to obtain through PA’s Standing Order.
  • If yes, ask for the cost of the copay before the order is filled.
  • If they do not have it in stock, request that it be ordered or ask if another location has it in stock.
  • While many may have a copay for certain brands, other brands may be free.
  • If the pharmacist declines your request, ask if they’re familiar with the standing order.
  • If they are unable to fill the request or are unfamiliar with the standing order, please go to another pharmacy.
  • If the pharmacist was unwilling to fill the request, please report your experience to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.
If you are uninsured, Prevention Point Philadelphia offers naloxone based on ability to pay.