Need to Know for Women: Behavioral Health Screenings

In recent decades, women’s mental health has been on a decline. Nearly 1 in 5 women have a common mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. In addition, 53 percent of women experiencing a mental health challenge have experienced abuse. However, many of us are often unable to find and access appropriate resources during a mental health crisis. This is particularly alarming since 36 percent of women who have experienced extensive physical and sexual violence have attempted suicide and 22 percent have self-harmed.   Behavioral health screenings are one of [...]

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Period Poverty: What is and how it harms us

What is period poverty? Period poverty is the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products, sanitation facilities, toilets, handwashing areas, and education around menstruation. Period poverty can mean that people are unable to afford pads and tampons and may be forced to use other materials to manage their periods such as cardboard, rags, toilet paper, and leaves. This can cause harm to someone's physical, emotional, and mental health. Who is most impacted by period poverty? In the United States, period poverty disproportionately impacts menstruators who are low-income, experiencing housing insecurity, [...]

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Women’s History Month – No More Labels

As a Hispanic woman who has had both gender and cultural expectations placed on me that made it difficult for me to get the help I needed throughout specific times in my life, I hope to encourage all women to stand in their authority and promote healing with no shame. In support of Women’s History Month, I challenge those who have gained from mental health support  to reduce stigma by sharing what those supporters have done for you. Others should feel empowered to seek support without judgment – because it [...]

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Real Talk about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)

Having a baby can be hard. On top of the expected changes, up to one in five people struggle with their mental health after having a baby. What are the baby blues? Most people have fatigue and emotional symptoms such as anxiety right after a baby is born. There are a lot of changes happening at this time and it takes time to adjust to the new routine. If you or your partner have any of these feelings within two weeks, it is probably the baby blues. During these two [...]

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