Losing Jack

Two years ago, I managed volunteer guides at a local museum. A college student named Jack collided with the museum like a meteor on a chilly fall day, took a tour, and decided to become a tour guide himself. All who knew him sensed Jack was living life at high speed.    Jack soon became a favorite at the museum. He was funny and insightful, and we became friends. One day, Jack sheepishly told me of his bipolar disorder. He was on a fast train to death, he said, and taking [...]

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Suicide Prevention: The Power of Early Intervention

National Suicide Prevention Month is a crucial time to emphasize the significance of early intervention in suicide prevention. Through my experience providing support on the Mental Health Partnerships Chatline, I have witnessed the power of non-crisis chatlines as urgent care for the mind. Our platform serves as a lifeline for individuals seeking understanding and validation, empowering them on their mental health journey. The Power of Early Intervention As a Certified Peer Specialist, I understand the importance of addressing mental health concerns early on. Too often, individuals hesitate to seek help [...]

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Healing After Suicide Loss

My son was 16 when he took his own life. His name is Michael Alfred. After my loss, I did not believe there could be healing. I ate and ate and ate. I gained 65 lbs. I saw no future. But slowly – very slowly, after counseling, therapy, and research with support groups – I came to realize this was my new life and I had to either embrace this or not. In the beginning, I sat on the couch and ate. I did not believe that there were other [...]

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Screen for Depression Regularly

Depression – we have all heard the word many times. In the past three years, we have all felt sadness. Feeling sad, unmotivated, or hopeless is common in daily life.  But what is the difference between sadness and depression? Feeling sad does not last as long as depression. In depression, you might also experience things like not feeling hungry or feeling hungrier than usual. You may also be sleeping a lot or not enough, and feeling hopeless. Hopelessness feels like the things that you used to enjoy are no longer [...]

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