Children Who Self-harm: A Guide for Parents

Many children and teens self-harm. Most start in their early teen years, but some start earlier.  What counts as self-harm? Self-harm is when a child hurts their body on purpose. Cutting or burning the skin are common forms of self-harm. Self-harm is more common among girls than boys.  Most children who self-harm are trying to cope with overwhelming emotions and stressors. Some self-harm to stop intrusive thoughts. Helping your child cope and not turn to self-harm can offer an opportunity to help them feel better about themselves, learn to deal [...]

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I cannot stop cutting myself. Please, help me understand why!

Cutting, burning, scratching, hitting, or biting oneself is often called “self-harm.” Self-harm refers to the deliberate act of causing physical harm to oneself. It is typically done to cope with emotional pain, distress, or overwhelming feelings. For example, a teenager feels very upset after an argument with their mom because they got a bad school report – or because they are dating and their families do not approve.  Feelings of distress can be very overwhelming. Then the teen might experience the urge to cut to calm down. Some teens say [...]

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