Barriers to Minority Mental Health and Microaggressions

The word “minority” might be confusing, and that is OK. Minority refers to people who are Black, Indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC). BIPOC people have a higher risk of having a mental illness. BIPOC people have historically and presently had to deal with stress and unfairness. Also, they very often have limited access to proper health care. This contributes to anxiety and depression. When BIPOC people want to get help, they often have a harder time finding support. Here are some things that can be done. Individual Level [...]

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Juneteenth Crossroads: Music and Black Culture

Juneteenth is a significant holiday for Black Americans. It’s a time to celebrate freedom and reflect on the struggles and sacrifices of their ancestors. It is a powerful reminder of Black culture, history, and resilience in the face of adversity. Black communities come together to celebrate Juneteenth through various cultural activities, including community events, parades, and especially music, which has played a vital role in Black liberation throughout history. Enslaved Africans historically used music as a tool for communication and resistance, while hip-hop continues today to shed light on the [...]

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Tips for Helping AAPI Parents Talk About Mental Health

*Content warning: Contains disclosure of behaviors of self-harm.  “You are too much! And you talk too much!” was what I was told as a child when I expressed my feelings. My parents emigrated from the Philippines and wanted the best for their six children: rigorous education, fine clothing, and a spacious home. They were advised by the pediatrician not to teach us their native language, warning it would cause confusion. I pinpoint this advice as the cause for our home’s emotional deficiency. It created a dynamic of tense silences, suspicion, [...]

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Mind Matters: Mental Health and the African American Community

One of the reasons I started to work at Girard Medical Center was so I could better understand my mother’s addiction and depression. She behaved in ways I did not understand. I always wondered what made her so critical, mean, and sad. In fact, I did not understand why a lot of people in my family acted the way they did. Growing up, I heard a lot of code words being used for mental health. For example: “Don’t mess with her, she doesn't take no stuff” or “You know something [...]

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