Healthy Habits

June is Men’s Health Month. This year’s theme is “Healthy Habits.” Given the continuing decline in men’s life expectancy, there’s an urgent need for us to increase practicing healthy habits. Let’s consider some numbers. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows life expectancy in the United States is the lowest it has been for the past 25 years. Between 2019 and 2021, the drop was 3.1 years for men and 2.3 years for women. The decline is even more drastic for racial and ethnic minorities. For those [...]

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On International Men’s Day: Be Respectful of Women

Since 1999, Nov. 19 has been designated as International Men’s Day. The day has been used to celebrate men who are role models to their families, communities, and the world. This year’s theme is better relations between men and women. Conflict between men and women is as old as mankind itself and has been depicted in Biblical tales, romance novels, movies, and television soap operas as well as real life courtroom dramas and “Me Too” era sexual harassment lawsuits publicized in the media. Arguably the most consequential conflict between men [...]

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Taking Control of Men’s Health: The Ultimate Act of Self Reliance

Men’s health is often the unspoken “elephant in the room” whenever healthcare disparities are discussed. While it’s great that our healthcare system is actively addressing racial and ethnic disparities, gender disparities are glaring and commonly ignored in developing interventions and programs. The numbers are clear on the matter. In Philadelphia: The life expectancy for men is seven years less than that of women. Black men have the lowest life expectancy of all racial/ethnic groups, dying from heart disease, lung and colorectal cancer, diabetes, homicide, and even COVID at significantly higher [...]

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Men’s Health Month 2020: It’s Time for a Change

With a new decade comes the opportunity to both look back and look forward. This time for reflection gives us all a unique occasion to evaluate how we have been dealing with our health, both physical and mental. Men, especially, should take this time to do just that. According to a Cleveland Clinic study, men are less likely to take care of themselves and their health than women. They are half as likely to visit the doctor for a check-up compared to women. Over 7 million American men have not [...]

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