Searching for DIY addiction recovery resources? There are millions, so we’ve created a manageable list of addiction recovery activities and tools to help anyone at any stage of their recovery journey. 

Helpful resources on your Smart Phone

Addiction recovery apps put resources right at your fingertips, and many are free. Rising to the top of “Best Apps” lists are reSET and reSET-O, FDA-approved addiction recovery apps. Two other popular choices are Headspace, a mindfulness tool and Sober Grid, for peer support, progress tracking, and more.

Pop culture: Entertainment, creativity and healing

Music lovers know that the right blend of lyrics and melodies can strike an emotional chord. Addiction recovery songs can be strong motivators and healers whether you are coming to grips with addiction or need to be reminded that recovery is possible. Popular addiction recovery songs include “Not Afraid” by Eminem, “Sober” by Pink, and “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. For playlists, check out:

When it comes to the power of expression, art is another proven medium. Addiction recovery art ranges from words-to-live-by collages to painting to affirmation art projects. For ideas, try this site: Art project ideas to aid in recovery.

Addiction recovery films are a great way to hear important healing messages while relaxing. There are countless addiction recovery movies. Some of our favorites include the comedy “28 Days;” “Beautiful Boy,” about a family coping with a son’s addiction; and the timeless “A Star is Born” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Here are more addiction recovery films worth watching: Top 14 Movies to Watch During Recovery.

Books and worksheets

If your interest is in the written word, addiction recovery books offer a wealth of stories and self-help advice. The New York Times best-seller “Unbroken Brain” offers fresh ideas and new perspectives on addiction. “Recovery: Freedom from Addiction,” is a humorous self-help guide based on the 12-step approach. And of course, the classic “AA – The Big Book” is a good starting point for anyone suffering from addiction. Check out these lists for additional choices: 15 Best Books on Addiction and Recovery and Using self-help books to support your addiction recovery.

There are also many addiction recovery workbooks available to guide recovery from the beginning to maintaining goals and managing relapses. They often contain addiction recovery worksheets for individuals and family members. From an “Urge Log” to a “Lifestyle Balance Pie,” these addiction recovery activities are meant for use over time rather than consumed in one sitting.

Some of our favorites:

Self-help tools from Mental Health America – numerous addiction recovery worksheet.

SMART Recovery toolboxworksheets and exercises to help manage your recovery and your life

50 free mental health worksheets – this comprehensive guide includes plenty of addiction recovery activities and addiction recovery worksheets, such as a Daily Mood Tracker, Self-Care Ideas, and What Do I Have Control Over? There are even links to free coloring worksheets for adults.