Know the Signs. Learn the Actions. Be a Lifeline.

Philadelphia is one of the first in the U.S. to implement MHFA on a large scale.

Research shows that MHFA leads to: 

  • Greater recognition of behavioral health challenges
  • Increased confidence in one’s ability to help
  • Increased amount of help provided
  • Decreased stigmatizing attitudes while promoting inclusion

Our Certification Programs:

Adult Certification 

This is a general public training for adults focused on helping other adults. (Hospitals and health centers, employers, faith communities, schools/universities, nursing home staff, individuals who have experienced behavioral health challenges, family members, service providers and support staff, neighborhood organizations, concerned citizens, etc.).

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Youth Certification 

For adults who work or interact with youth: parents, teachers, recreation centers, etc.

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Public Safety Certification 

This training is  for adults who work in Law Enforcement and Public Safety (law enforcement officers, private security, probation and parole, fire/EMS, corrections, dispatchers, courts, legal, town watch, etc.).

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