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Find Yoga in Philadelphia

…yoga such as improved flexibility, posture, and balance as well as strenghened muscles, a relaxed mind, and a brightened your mood. Philly Area Yoga is an online directory for yoga and wellness, focused on building a yoga community within the Philadelphia area. Find  yoga studios, yoga teacher trainings, workshops, retreats…

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder

…The snow is falling and the city is bright. There is a chill in the air and a feeling of joy.  The decorations are hung, gifts secured, and family time is confirmed, yet, feelings of sadness and low energy are looming.  Some feelings of sadness and low energy that you…

Yoga & Mental Health

…yoga is growing. Many people are turning to yoga as an emotional release and to improve their mental health. How come? We know that our emotions can be felt as physical sensations in the body. 

Using Yoga to Manage Trauma

…yoga, I felt really good. Two years in, I became more dedicated to yoga and started doing a more intensive yoga practice (Ashtanga) for a few hours a day.

Q&A Brings to Light Yoga’s Benefits for Overall Wellness

…Yoga and its ties to mental health is a burgeoning area of discussion in the mental health field. The way I see it, yoga and psychology are like two roads that eventually converge into one: they both lead toward healthier, more joyful lives, but they originate from different places.  My…