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Get Help Now

…traumatic incidents.   Need help of your neighbors or want to become a Neighbor?  Connect with the team and join the Network!   Family Resource Network: 215-599-5176 If a family member or someone you know is experiencing a behavioral health challenge, you can call or visit www.frnfamilies.org   The Benny…


…traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol use disorders. SMH does not participate in the advice or services given to users of SMH’s screening programs. SMH does not provide any medical, psychological or professional services to its customers or users. For an accurate diagnosis of a mental health disorder, participants…

Empire of Stigma

…David Monico, MPH Public Health Program Analyst Television can captivate a wide audience; it can also serve to educate viewers about important topics, like mental illness. 

TRANSFORMATION: See it. Believe it.

…According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of transformation is a complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc.

Paramedic Mental Health Training

…trauma.  Being informed and equipped to manage signs and symptoms of mental health challenges will contribute to a healthier workforce and the community being served by first responders and paramedics. Register Online

Creative Arts Therapies DO Work

…trauma”, was recently published in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the success of art therapy services at The Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University.  

What is Mindfulness?

…Mindfulness (noun) The ability to calmly acknowledge things as they really are whilst being truly aware of the present moment.

Community-Based Doulas Advancing the Goals of Population Health

…Naima Black, Doula, CLC Coordinator, North Philadelphia Breastfeeding & Community Doula Program Maternity Care Coalition In Collaboration With L’Oreal McCollum, MSW, LSW, M.Ed. Special Projects Coordinator DBHIDS   The second Sunday in May marked the special day that we celebrate motherhood. We celebrate the impact of mothers within our culture,…

For the Gold Stars in the Windows on this Memorial Day

…On Memorial Day, many of us will be off from work, spending time with loved ones, but let us not forget what it signifies-- a day of remembrance for those service members who defended our country and paid the ultimate price.

Managing Caregiver Stress

…See how one woman describes how challenging being a caregiver can be and how she takes time for herself.  

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