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In Wellness, Art Takes Center Stage

…Typically, the worst part of any great performance is when it’s over, but that wasn’t the case at a recent performance I attended as part of the 13th Annual First Person Arts Festival in Philadelphia. It was what happened after the curtain came down that I found most riveting: an…

Quieting My Inner Critic

…“I do not need treatment; I can figure this out on my own. I am a mental health professional. I am probably smarter than the therapists there anyway.”

How My Brother’s Mental Illness Affected Me

…My brother Paul was diagnosed with schizophrenia, like myself. Yet because Paul was 10 years older than me, the illness was viewed quite differently when his symptoms first appeared. 

Family Member Story Telling Training

…Open to everyone 18 and older. This training offers helpful tools to encourage sharing personal and challenging experiences to help inspire and motivate. Resource sharing and networking opportunities are available. * Prerequisite for Certified Peer Specialists