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…social, community-based and self-help care. These resources include important phone numbers and supports found in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Don't see what you're looking for?  Feel free to send us an email so we can talk about getting it on here!...

Philadelphia Celebrates NDSD

…Today, like any day, you may peruse online, send a few tweets or Facebook posts, give or get advice from a family member or friend, grab coffee or lunch, or run into your local grocery store to pick up the essentials on your way home. We all have our daily…

Community-Based Doulas Advancing the Goals of Population Health

…Naima Black, Doula, CLC Coordinator, North Philadelphia Breastfeeding & Community Doula Program Maternity Care Coalition In Collaboration With L’Oreal McCollum, MSW, LSW, M.Ed. Special Projects Coordinator DBHIDS   The second Sunday in May marked the special day that we celebrate motherhood. We celebrate the impact of mothers within our culture,…

Three Things to Know for Mental Health Awareness Month

…May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and you may be wondering exactly what that means for you. It’s actually quite simple. You need to know three basic facts.


…social media by going to our Twitter page, or by following the Department's Instagram and Facebook pages. We hope to talk with you soon!

Post-Election Stress?

…social media users were more likely to report increased stress related to the election. If using social media is increasing your stress and charging you to respond emotionally, take a break from social media to remove the stressor. Lastly, research shows that being a member of a faith community can provide…


…social, comunitaria o de autoayuda. Estos recursos incluyen números de teléfono y apoyos importantes en los vecindarios de Filadelfia. ¿No encuentra lo que busca? ¡No dude en escribirnos por correo electrónico para que podamos ayudarle!

Using Yoga to Manage Trauma

…The body remembers. When I started practicing yoga, I felt really good. Two years in, I became more dedicated to yoga and started doing a more intensive yoga practice (Ashtanga) for a few hours a day.

Collaboration Can Lead to Change

…What’s happening along Gurney Street is something to be celebrated. In just over two weeks since the clean-up project began along a stretch of land owned by Conrail in the Kensington-Fairhill community, more than 250 tons of waste and debris have been removed and fencing is going up to prevent…

Becoming Conscious of Social Media’s Influence

…social media scrolling through posts and news. When I realized I spent an average of three hours per day on my phone on social media, I knew something had to change.