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Welcome to Healthy Minds Philly

…illness, there is an abundance of sources of information, both online and offline, to guide you to the help you need to get better. Websites, books, family or friends, there’s always somewhere you can turn to. But information and resources about mental illness can be a lot harder to find.…

I Will Listen

…The national anti-stigma campaign #IWillListen is coming to Philadelphia! #IWillListen is based on the belief that through listening and understanding everyone can play a role in reducing the stigma associated with mental illnes

Mental Health First Aid

…illness and substance use disorders often have more contact with the criminal justice system than the general population does. Thus, the better prepared officers and staff are to respond effectively and appropriately, the more likely the interaction will be a positive one.  Mental Health First Aid offers a tailored supplement…

In Wellness, Art Takes Center Stage

…Typically, the worst part of any great performance is when it’s over, but that wasn’t the case at a recent performance I attended as part of the 13th Annual First Person Arts Festival in Philadelphia. It was what happened after the curtain came down that I found most riveting: an…

Empire of Stigma

…David Monico, MPH Public Health Program Analyst Television can captivate a wide audience; it can also serve to educate viewers about important topics, like mental illnes

Myths and Facts of Tobacco and Mental Illness

…illness and substance use disorders can’t quit smoking. Fact: Persons with mental illness and substance use disorders can successfully quit using tobacco at rates similar to the general population.

Help Us Help You!

…Kathleen Fox DBHIDS' Health Promotion Intern Would you be surprised if we told you that only 13% of people who break their arm receive treatment for it? 

What is Mental Health First Aid…for Youth?

…H. Jean Wright II, PsyD Director Behavioral Health and Justice-Related Services Knowing the difference between typical adolescent behavior, and behaviors that should be cause for concern can be difficult to assess for parents, family members, and for those who care for our youth.

Wellness Corner

Finding balance and harmony in daily living!

The (Not So) Secret to Student Success: A Healthy Mind

…mental health isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind, but it may be one of the most important factors in student success. 

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