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In Wellness, Art Takes Center Stage

…Typically, the worst part of any great performance is when it’s over, but that wasn’t the case at a recent performance I attended as part of the 13th Annual First Person Arts Festival in Philadelphia. It was what happened after the curtain came down that I found most riveting: an…

What is Mental Health First Aid…for Youth?

…H. Jean Wright II, PsyD Director Behavioral Health and Justice-Related Services Knowing the difference between typical adolescent behavior, and behaviors that should be cause for concern can be difficult to assess for parents, family members, and for those who care for our youth.

Coming Soon to Philadelphia

…Regina L. Xhezo Manager of Special Projects for the CMO Community Behavioral Health (CBH)  Imagine a world where the #1 buyer of cigarettes is NOT a person with a mental illness or substance use disorder. 

Resources: Opioid Dependency

…Drug and Alcohol Programs The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) is focused on addressing the overdose problem in Pennsylvania, while ensuring that our prevention programs are robust, well-resourced and evidence-based, and that all Pennsylvanians struggling with the disease of drug and alcohol addiction can get the level and…

Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals

…drug overdoses increased by more than 50%, from 459 deaths to 702. In 2016, Philadelphia is projected to have 840 drug overdose deaths, which is nearly three times the number of homicides in the city. Eighty percent of those overdose deaths will involve opioids, including prescription painkillers, heroin and fentanyl.

Life Lessons: Recovery during the holidays

…drug or alcohol addiction or recovery. For those folks, the holidays can be a challenging and dangerous time.

Suicide Prevention Education

…drugs Withdrawing from family, friends or society Appearing agitated or angry Having a dramatic change in mood Participants also learn how to talk with someone who is suicidal, and where they can direct the person for professional assistance such as national suicide hotline numbers, local crisis centers, and support groups…

Resources: Youth Resources

…Drug Abuse for Teens: This site is organized to help you find what you are looking for, whether you are a teen, middle or high school teacher, or parent.  The purpose of this site is to facilitate learning about the effects of drug use on the brain, body, and lives…

The Road to Recovery, a Journey of Hope

…drugs and alcohol was spiraling his life out of control as fast as his pitches. Multiple arrests for disorderly conduct were the norm for Noles, leading to far too many nights in jail and away from the baseball field. And on that day – April 9, 1983 – Noles decided…

Teen Health Week Panel on Substance Use

…Drinks and ice-cream will be provided from 3:30PM. Program begins at 4PM. FREE entry for all high school students. Free entry to adults wearing an article of lime green clothing! This event is part of Teen Health Week Teenhealthweek.org.

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