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Mental Health First Aid

…anxiety, depression, psychosis, and addictions. The adult course is available in both English and Spanish. Course participants come from a variety of backgrounds and play various roles in a community including: faith groups, management, community work, non-profit and for profit settings.  Participants who complete the course receive a three (3) year…


…anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol use disorders. SMH does not participate in the advice or services given to users of SMH’s screening programs. SMH does not provide any medical, psychological or professional services to its customers or users. For an accurate diagnosis of a mental health…


…The Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) has put together a list of resources to help people connect with the right professional, peer, social, community-based and self-help care. These resources include important phone numbers and supports found in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Don't see what you're looking for?…

Free Online Support at Your Fingertips

…Have you ever wondered how your thoughts can shape how you feel and how you act?  Or did you just do a check-up from the neck up and are ready to take another step towards getting the support you need to feel better?

What is Mental Health First Aid…for Youth?

…H. Jean Wright II, PsyD Director Behavioral Health and Justice-Related Services Knowing the difference between typical adolescent behavior, and behaviors that should be cause for concern can be difficult to assess for parents, family members, and for those who care for our youth.

Worry too much? Take charge.

…Kimberly Rymsha Acting Director of Communications DBHIDS Do you worry about work? Finances? Your spouse or your children?

Active Commuting: A Route to Physical and Mental Wellbeing

…Dana Careless Clinical Operations Manager for Health Promotion DBHIDS Nur Atiqa Asri Project Analyst Center for Active Design "Walk it off." How many times have you heard someone say that to a person who needs to blow off some steam? We have heard that getting some fresh air and exercising…

Benefits of Meditation

…Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and has many benefits. During meditation, you develop intentional focus — minimizing random thoughts about the past or future. 

National Depression Screening Day 2015

…Dana Careless Manager for Health Promotion DBHIDS Picture Citizens Bank Park Stadium.  Look around at all of the seats, row after row, filled with over 40,000 spectators.  Now, I want you to picture dividing the stadium into four equal parts, each part containing over 10,000 individuals.  Statistically speaking, that entire…

The (Not So) Secret to Student Success: A Healthy Mind

…Sarah Reyes Content Manager - Graduation Coach Campaign - Philadelphia in collaboration with Dana Careless, LPC Manager for Health Promotion - DBHIDS Academic pressure.  Report cards.  Peer pressure.  Detention.  Test results. When we think of ways to improve a student’s performance in school, improving his or her mental health isn’t always…

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